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Chefs At Home

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54 chefs share their lockdown recipes in aid of Hospitality Action

54 chefs share their lockdown recipes to help the hospitality industry.Throughout 2020 and into 2021, unprecedented country-wide lockdowns have ... celý popis
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54 chefs share their lockdown recipes to help the hospitality industry.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, unprecedented country-wide lockdowns have forced restaurants, cafés and bars across the UK to close their doors and turn off the lights. As Covid-19 has devastatingly swept through the country, we have all faced long queues at supermarkets and limited ingredients on the shelves forcing us to dig into the back of our cupboards for those emergency tins – and our favourite chefs were no exception.

Within these pages, 54 leading chefs from around the country including Tom Kerridge, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and many more, have contributed two recipes they created during lockdown to help support a beloved and struggling industry.

100% of royalties from the sale of this book will go to Hospitality Action to help offer vital support to all who work within the hospitality industry in the UK.

With over 100 recipes, from brunch to bakes and from veggie delights to meat feasts, recipes include:

Tom Kerridge's fish finger sandwich (with added monster munch)
Heston Blumenthal's ratatouille
Michel Roux Jr's Lyonnaise onion soup
Andrew Wong's Singapore noodles
Selin Kiazim's halloumi and olive loaf
Nathan Outlaw's ultimate fish and chips
Richard Corrigan's fish pie
Jamie Oliver's cornershop curry sauce with chicken
Tommy Banks' glazed brisket with macaroni cheese
Thomasina Miers' steak tacos
Calum Franklin's ultimate piesolation pie
Simon Rimmer's vegan banana toffee pudding
Angela Hartnett's mum's apple tart
Gordon Ramsay's lockdown banana bread
… and many more

This isn't a regular cookbook. Instead, it's a cookbook dedicated to every chef, waiter, housekeeper and manager. Every concierge, receptionist and kitchen porter. Every sommelier, bartender, catering assistant and cook across the UK.

Because this industry doesn't just feed us, they bring us together too, and this cookbook is our way of saying thank you until we can get back through their doors again.

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Rozměr:246 x 189 x 27 mm
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